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Author Topic: Ievanenc application.  (Read 2022 times)


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Ievanenc application.
« on: May 13, 2015, 07:37:55 pm »
- Character name, Level, Profession: Ievanenc, 220/17 keeper
- Names of alts: Allround 220/19 crat Ievanenc3 220/21 fixer ( fixer is omni at time of posting but i'm in the market for a clan application as we speak)
- Tell us a bit about yourself and your twinks: Been playing anarchy for 9 years on and off but have just returned to the game after a long break following the release of 18.7 I like to have a laugh as well as help people out when they need it. I had a short spell as omni a couple of years ago after playing clan for years but I've decided to go back to clan as I don't get along with omni and most my friends are clan.
- Who told you about EQ, and who would most-likely support you: Perkable told me about EQ and also shuyin would vouch for my loyalty
- Why do you want to join EQ: I'd like the fact you seem to be a close group the like to help each other out and i'd like to play a part in that as well as that I'd like to do alot of pvp as well as help with pvm raids. also up for a good laugh :)
- What timezone you are in:  I am on GMT
- Something interesting about yourself : My RL job is a stunt performer with a focus on horses


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Re: Ievanenc application.
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2015, 08:12:26 pm »
Hey, i'll contact you ingame as soon as I see you online.
Enforcblack - 220/30 Enforcer
Perkable - 220/30 Crat
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Black - 150/20 Enforcer
Blackhawks - 126/15 Agent
Cannibalz - 92/9 Enforcer
Blackhawks00 -57/6 MP


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